Things to do while Backpacking

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Things to do while Backpacking

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Uttarakhand is filled with beautiful landscapes and picturesque views, the best way to really and truly experience everything right from the culture to the cuisine is to backpack your way through it.
To make things slightly easier we’ve jotted down some things you should definitely try doing while you backpack….

  • While travelling you should stop at small chai shops, have paani zyada doodh kam chai instead of fancy restaurants, in order to get the real feel of the place.
  • Try raita pakodi. Moreover, if you’re staying in a homestay don’t forget to request the owners to make bhaang ki chatni!
  • Meeting and engaging with the locals is the best way to learn about the place and will also help you when you’re traveling from one place to another.
  • Choose to stay in a traditional homestay rather than a hotel, here is where you can experience the cultural traditions as well as cuisines first hand.
  • Travel by local buses, not only will you reach your destination comfortably, but, you will also save up dough.
  • Do visit local temples.
  • Don’t forget to eat maggi at various maggi point, the taste is completely different from the maggi you get in other cities.

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