10 things to do in Nainital

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10 things to do in Nainital

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Nainital is just 18kms away from HOTs Hostel which is situated in Jeolikot, while you stay with us, you can go out and explore not only places near to the hostel but, also some of the places we’ve picked out in Nainital which are listed below :

  • Boating at the lake at Nainital : Enjoy the serene waters of Naini Lake, if you’re an active person the best option for you will be the paddle boat, but, if you just want to laze around and take in the surroundings you can opt for a boat that is rowed by one of the locals.
  • Visit Mall Road : Not Only so they have various shops displaying a variety of items but, is also known to have amazing shops that sell gaming products, which is a must visit for every avid gamer!
  • Eat super tasty momos from Sonam : we trust you won’t be able to stop at just one plate, with momos as tasty as this!
  • Tibetan market (china town) : known for selling first copy items which are rather good material wise at reasonable rates is a steal!
  • Eat bun tikki while sitting near the lake : what’s better than sitting in front of a lake with an amazing view and munching on a bun tikki?!
  • Trek/hike to bara pathar see the himalayas
  • Capitol cinema hall which is famous for being seen in the movie koi mil gaya
  • Visit high altitude zoo : at the Nainital zoo you will get to see some of the most mesmerising as well as rare animals here.
  • Eco cave garden : this is a one of its kind type of structure, here you will get to see caves of different types and sizes, you can also enter all of them from one end and get out from the other, let us tell you that you will also have to bend at times to pass through a cave. There are leopard caves, tiger caves, bat caves and a whole lot more.
  • Visit tibetan gompa buddhist monastery: if you’re looking for some peace be sure to visit the Tibetan Gompa, a Buddhist Monastery filled with positive vibes and peacefulness!

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