Always loved to travel but, didn’t get enough opportunities? HOTs Hostels in collaboration with Trell community and Nomads of india is here to give you just that opportunity by way of our internship #DOI.

The word DOI in Kumaoni means someone who is always on the move or travels a lot.

By way of the internship we aim at doing exactly that, by giving the selected candidates a chance to travel all around Uttarakhand and visit offbeat places. We plan to involve candidates with high levels of enthusiasm and a longing to travel and learn new things to do an exclusive internship with us, they get to travel all around Uttarakhand and do what they do best in their field of work.Candidates from the following categories will be shortlisted & then selected

  • Photographers
  • Travel Bloggers
  • Videographers
  • Graffiti Artists
  • Chefs
  • Teachers

One gets an opportunity to experience the local cultures, cuisines and a whole lot more.

The internship guidelines are as follows :

Candidate will be screened by HOTs Hostel before being selected for the internship.

Candidate must have an account on Trell.

The candidate must be an avid traveller.

The candidate’s love for mountains can earn them brownie points.

One should be keen on learning about new cultures.

Candidate should be spontaneous while interacting with people and gel with everyone smoothly.

Furthermore, the internship aims to promote Uttarakhand Tourism.
Candidates will be visiting various traditional homestays in Uttarakhand :
One will learn about the traditions, culture and get to experience rather exciting activities
and will also be working with the locals and gain a ton of experience in various fields of work such as organic farming, traditional cooking, local artforms, etc.